Nin Andrews

Nin Andrews is the author of several books, including The Book of Orgasms and Why They Grow Wings. Her newest collection, Sleeping with Houdini, is forthcoming from Tupelo in 2005.

Ploughshares articles by this author:

Title Section Season
What the Therapist Said Poetry Spring 2005
Black Magic Poetry Spring 2000
The Dying Poetry Spring 1998
That Cold Summer Poetry Winter 1995-96
When a Woman Loves a Man Poetry Winter 1995-96
Secondhand Smoke Poetry Spring 1995
The Right Kind Poetry Spring 1995
What Is It About the Past Poetry Spring 1995

Books by the Author:

Any Kind of Excuse ( 2003 , Paperback)
Someone Wants to Steal My Name and Other Poems by Henri Michaux ( 2003 , Paperback)
Spontaneous Breasts ( 1997 , Paperback)
The Book of Orgasms ( November 2000 , Paperback)
The Book of Orgasms and Other Tales ( 2003 , Paperback)
Why They Grow Wings ( 2001 , Paperback)

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