Charles Simic

Charles Simic
Photo by Sara Barrett

Charles Simic is a poet, essayist, and translator, and served as Poet Laureate and consultant to the Library of Congress in 2007. His New and Selected Poems: 19622012 was published in March 2013 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Ploughshares issues edited by this author:

Fall 1986 Poetry

Ploughshares articles by this author:

Title Section Season
Bare Trees Poetry Winter 2013-14
The Interment Poetry Winter 2013-14
Summer in the Country Poetry Spring 2001
Don't Wake the Cards Poetry Winter 1995-96
Cafe Paradiso Poetry Winter 1995-96
On the Road to Somewhere Else Poetry Winter 1995-96
The Number of Fools Poetry Winter 1995-96
Lone Tree Poetry Winter 1995-96
The Inanimate Object Poetry Winter 1991-92
Funeral Parlor Poetry Fall 1991
First Thing in the Morning Poetry Winter 1987
The Gods Poetry Winter 1987
Why I Like Certain Poems More Than Others Nonfiction Fall 1986
Give Me Back My Rags Poetry Winter 1985
On Pretext Poetry Summer/Fall 1982
East European Cooking Poetry Summer/Fall 1982
Devotions Poetry Summer/Fall 1982
Shaving At Night Poetry Summer/Fall 1982
Madonnas Touched Up With a Goatee Poetry Winter 1980-81
Strictly Bucolic Poetry Winter 1980-81
Dimly Outlined by a Police Artist Poetry Fall 1977
The Great Anonymous Eye and Ear Poetry Fall 1977
Photographer's Hood Poetry Fall 1977

Books by the Author:

Aunt Lettuce I Want to Peek Under Your Skirt ( February 2005 , Paperback)
Classic Ballroom Dances ( October 1980 )
The Voice at 3:00 A.M. ( April 2003 )

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