Edward Falco

Edward Falco
Ed Falco's most recent books are In the Park of Culture, a collection of short fictions from The University of Notre Dame Press (2005); Sabbath Night in the Church of the Piranha: New and Selected Stories, from Unbridled Books (2005); and Wolf Point, a novel, also from Unbridled (2005). His earlier books include the novel Winter in Florida (Soho, 1990), the hypertext novel, A Dream with Demons (Eastgate Systems, 1997), the hypertext poetry collection, Sea Island (Eastgate Systems, 1995), and a chapbook of prose poem, Concert in the Park of Cultur (Tamarack, 1985), as well as two collections of short stories: Acid (Notre Dame, 1996) and Plato at Scratch Daniel's & Other Stories (University of Arkansas Press, 1990). His stories have been published widely in journals, including The Atlantic Monthly, Playboy, and TriQuarterly, and collected in the Best American Short Stories, the Pushcart Prize, and several anthologies. As a playwright, Falco is the author of Home Delivery, which won the Hampden-Sydney Playwriting Award in 1992, and was subsequently staged by the Hampden-Sydney Theater Department. Earlier versions of the play were given staged readings in Mill Mountain Theater's Centerpiece and Theater B reading series. Two recent plays, Sabbath Night in the Church of the Piranha and Radon, premiered in university productions at Virginia Tech. Both were directed by David Johnson. His most recent plays are Welcome to Castle in the Air, and Possum Dreams, the latter of which was included in Ensemble Studio Theater's Octoberfest 2004. Ed Falco lives in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he teaches writing and literature at Virginia Tech's MFA program, and edits The New River, an online journal of digital writing.

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Smugglers Fiction Spring 1995

Books by the Author:

A Dream with Demons ( March 1997 , Other)
Acid ( January 1996 , Hardcover)
In the Park of Culture ( March 2005 , Hardcover)
Plato at Scratch Daniel's and Other Stories ( May 1990 , Hardcover)
Sabbath Night in the Church of the Piranha: New and Selected Stories ( May 2005 , Paperback)
Sea Island ( June 1995 , Other)
Winter in Florida ( September 1990 , Hardcover)
Wolf Point ( October 2005 , Hardcover)

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