Lorrie Goldensohn

Lorrie Goldensohn
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Lorrie Goldensohn's Elizabeth Bishop: The Biography of a Poetry was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1992. Her current projects include a collection of poems, Occupying Forces, and a study of twentieth-century war literature, Dismantling Glory.

Ploughshares issues edited by this author:

Spring 1979 Poetry
Winter 1980-81 Poetry & Fiction

Ploughshares articles by this author:

Title Section Season
Reflection Nonfiction Fall 2001
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Seven Bullets Poetry Winter 1997-98
Saratoga Ballet Poetry Fall 1991
Open Casket Poetry Winter 1984
Cello Poetry Winter 1980-81
Joseph Poetry Spring 1979
Beauty and the Beast Poetry Spring 1979
Mona Van Duyn and the Politics of Love Nonfiction Fall 1978
Letter for a Daughter Poetry Spring 1977

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