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Winter 1993-94 Table of Contents

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Russell Banks
Strictly in the Interests of Plausibility: Introduction
Chase Twichell
A Confession: Introduction


Don Lee
About Russell Banks: A Profile
David Daniel
About Chase Twichell: A Profile


Marianne Wiggins
Can You Smell My Sandwich?
Fanny Howe
Six Pieces
Leon Rooke
The Boy from Moogradi and the Woman with the Map to Kolooltopec
Clarence Major
Five Years Ago
Joyce Carol Oates
The Night Nurse
Fielding Dawson
Under the Trees on the Hill
Melanie Rae Thon
Little White Sister
Jessica Hagedorn
Black: Her Story
Madison Smartt Bell
The Rights of Man


Jan Richman
Origami for Adults
Jan Richman
Laura Kasischke
House Fable
Stephen Dobyns
Somewhere It Still Moves
Stephen Dobyns
Santiago: Forestal Park
Stephen Dobyns
The Community
Stephen Dobyns
Pastel Dresses
Stephen Dobyns
Dana Levin
The Baby on the Table
Tim Seibles
Bruce Weigl
On the Ambiguity of Injury and Pain
Bruce Weigl
Bear Meadow
Sharon Olds
The Borders
Sharon Olds
Hayden Carruth
The Curtain
Hayden Carruth
February Morning
Laurie Sheck
Deborah Digges
The Afterlife
Cleopatra Mathis
The Story
Natasha SajÚ
A Male in the Women's Locker Room
Dean Young
Ready-Made Bouquet
Dannyka Taylor
The Mother Explains the Father to the Son
Susan Snively
Another Life
Margaret Atwood
Manet's Olympia
Lola Haskins
Stanley Plumly
Adrian C. Louis
Buffalo Spirit Song
Adrian C. Louis
Note to a Culture Vulture
Adrian C. Louis
Rhetorical Judea
Martin Lammon
Stories a Man Keeps to Himself
Mark Jarman
Psalm: Let Us Think of God as a Lover
Mark Jarman
Unholy Sonnet
Kenneth Rosen
In Defense of the Fallen Clergy
Kenneth Rosen
Poetry Reading in Pisgah
Jan Selving
Jan Selving
Thomas Rabbitt
Over All
Thomas Rabbitt
In Mudville, In a Time of Plague
Thomas Rabbitt
Another Comedy for Paolo and Francesca
William Matthews
Bob Marley's Hair
William Matthews
President Reagan's Visit to New York, October 1984
William Matthews
Old Folsom Prison
William Matthews
New Folsom Prison
Ed Ochester
James Bland
On African-American Aesthetics
Paul Muldoon
Robert Creeley
Roman Sketchbook
Campbell McGrath
Angels and the Bars of Manhattan
Reg Saner
Landscape with Coyote and Special Effects
Reg Saner
Garrett Hongo
Looking at Kilauea


Alexandra Marshall
rev. of The Very Air by Douglas Bauer
David Daniel
rev. of Devolution of the Nude by Lynne McMahon
Peter Jay Shippy
rev. of Child in Amber by Stephen McNally
James Carroll
rev. of Camellia Street by Merce Rodoreda, trans. by David H. Rosenthal
Jonathan Aaron
rev. of Stained Glass by Rosanna Warren


Don Lee
Jessica Treadway, Zacharis Award
Winter 1993-94 Cover
Cover art by A. Artidor Borderlands
Poetry & Fiction

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Guest-edited by:
Russell Banks
Russell Banks Guest-edited by:
Chase Twichell
Chase Twichell