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Winter 1998-99 Table of Contents

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Thomas Lux


Stuart Dischell
About Thomas Lux: A Profile


Chris Adrian
The Sum of Our Parts
Michael Byers
The Levirate
Lucy Corin
Fanny Howe
Judith Moore
Alive in His Trousers
Maureen Pilkington
The Nudes
Peter Turchi
The Night Sky


Laure-Anne Bosselaar
An Interview with Stephen Dobyns
Wesley McNair
On Poets, Poets Teaching, and Poetry: Notes from a Journal


Jon Anderson
Listen, Leo
Angela Ball
Angela Ball
An Attempt
Susan Berlin
Fat Crow Above Me
Susan Berlin
Still Life on Brick Steps
Kurt Brown
A '49 Merc
Elena Karina Byrne
Jari Chevalier
What's Going On
Vincent Cioffi
Now I'm Building the World
Scott Coffel
If I Must Be Saved
Billy Collins
The Only Day in Existence
Billy Collins
Robert Danberg
Coconut in the Mail
Chard deNiord
Burning the Brush
Chard deNiord
Stephen Dobyns
Like a Revolving Door
Stephen Dobyns
Thus He Endured
Sherry Fairchok
Holding the Mare
Robert Fanning
Making Sure the Tractor Works
D. A. Feinfeld
The Amphibrach
Timothy Ferine
Michael Fitzgerald
Richard P. Gabriel
Jimmy, Jimmy, Oh Jimmy Mac
Richard P. Gabriel
Leaf of My Puzzled Desire
Christine Garren
The Biopsy
Christine Garren
The Heart
Doreen Gildroy
Doreen Gildroy
What I Looked at Today
Cindy Goff
Meeting Mr. Right at the Rest Stop
Mark Halperin
In Chekhov
James Haug
25 at Dawn
James Haug
John Hazard
Summer Witness, 1995
Elizabeth Holmes
Downtown in Front of the Drugstore
Mary Karr
Elegy for a Rain Salesman
Mary Karr
On Roses and the Cheapness of Talk
Mary Karr
Avoid Eye Area
Maurice Kilwein Guevara
Memorial Day
Steve Kowit
The Black Shoe
Steve Kowit
I Rendezvous with Jim & Lenny at the Barnes
Adrian C. Louis
Adiós Again, My Blessed Angel of Thunderheads and Urine
Suzanne Lummis
Dear Homeboy
RJ McCaffery
Chaos Theory and the Knuckleballer
Jeffrey McDaniel
The Wounded Chandelier
Jeffrey McDaniel
The First One
H. Bruce McEver
On the Road
Campbell McGrath
The Wreck
Joshua Mehigan
The Mayor
Joshua Mehigan
Confusing Weather
Orlando Ricardo Menes
Requiem Shark with Lilies
W. S. Merwin
Purgatory XVII
George Mills
Hats Off
Kirk Nesset
Time on the Down of Plenty
Steve Orlen
Gossip of the Inner Life
Steve Orlen
Robin Reagler
The Twelve Hats of Napoleon
Clenn Reed
Water Towers on City Buildings
Clenn Reed
Dear John Donne
Kirstin M. Roehrich
Looking for Father in My Reflection
Frazier Russell
My Father, The Commander, Poolside at Fifty-Five
Michael Ryan
A Version of Happiness
Michael Ryan
Natasha Sajé
A Minor Riot at the Mint
Faith Shearin
Eva Skrande
Animal Empire
Bruce Smith
Jelly 292
Bruce Smith
Letter to T.
Teresa Starr
At the Headstone for Hart Crane
Teresa Starr
Marc J. Straus
Marc J. Straus
Terese Svoboda
To My Brother, On the Occasion of His Second Breakdown
Wislawa Szymborska
Joanna Trzeciak
Children of Our Era
Wislawa Szymborska
Joanna Trzeciak
Reality Demands
Daniel Tobin
Eye-Full Tower
Lee Upton
The Crying Room
Charles Harper Webb
Biblical Also-rans


Michael J. Carter
rev. of The End of the Alphabet by Claudia Rankine
Fred Leebron
rev. of The Girl in the Flammable Skirt by Aimee Bender
Victoria Clausi
rev. of Fuel by Naomi Shihab Nye
Don Lee
rev. of Central Square by George Packer


Don Lee
David Gewanter, Zacharis Award
Winter 1998-99 Cover
Cover art by Mathew R. Weaver Poetry & Fiction

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Guest-edited by:
Thomas Lux
Thomas Lux