Issue 8 |
Fall 1975


by Staff

"Sambas" appeared in somewhat different form in an article by Elizabeth Bishop, "On the Railroad Named Delight,"
The New York Times Magazine, March 7th, 1965. Reprinted by permission.

The translation from
Satires II, vi, of Horace, was published in
Alexander Pope, The Poetry of Allusion by Reuben A. Brower (Oxford University Press, 1959). Reprinted by permission.

"On a Sunday Morning" by David Ferry appeared in
Poetry Amherst (Amherst College Press, 1972). Reprinted by permission.

Xenia, and `Impersonality" by F. R. Leavis appeared in
The Listener, and was reprinted in
A Second Listener Anthology (British Broadcasting Corporation, 1972). Reprinted by permission.

The poems from Eugenio Montale's
Xenia, as translated by Jonathan Galassi, are here published by permission of New Directions Publishing Corporation.

Section XIV of "Essay On Psychiatrists" by Robert Pinsky was published in
Poetry. Reprinted by permission of the Editor of