Issue 24 |
Spring 1981

Contributors' Notes

by Staff



DeWitt Henry

Peter O'Malley

Coordinating Editor for This Issue

James Randall

Associate Editor for This Issue

Richard Tillinghast

Managing Editor

Joyce Peseroff


ALEXANDER ALBERTUS, who lives in Mill Valley, California, is translating a selection of poems by the Norwegian poet, Inger Hagerup. The poems in this issue represent his first publication in a national magazine.

HOPE ALTHEARN has studied writing at San Francisco State University. She is founder of the Cascade Circle of Poets and lives in Mill Valley, California.

RUSSELL BANKS' story "The Burden" is from a new book,
Trailerpark (Houghton Mifflin), to appear in late 1981, which will be his sixth book of fiction since 1975 and third collection of stories.

SUZANNE E. BERGER will be teaching Creative Writing at Boston University this summer. Her book,
These Rooms, was published by the Penmaen Press in 1979 and went into a second edition.

DOUGLAS BLAZEK'S two latest books are
Exercises in Memorizing Myself from Twowindows Press and
Edible Fire from Morgan Press.

ROBERT BLY'S most recent books are
An Anthology, News of the Universe: Poems of Twofold Consciousness and
Truth Barriers: Poems by Tomas Tranströmer, both published by Sierra Club Books. He now lives in Moose Lake, Minnesota.

B.A. BRESCIA is a student in the Undergraduate Creative Writing program at Emerson College.

On Tour With Rita (Knopf) will be published this year. He is a regular contributor to
The New Yorker, and is currently working on a novel and a new cycle of poems.

HELENE DAVIS'S first book of poems
Nightblind (Pourboire) appeared in 1976. She has frequently appeared in
Ploughshares and is currently in the M.A. program in English Literature at UMass-Boston.

W.S. DI PIERO'S chapbook,
Solstice, was recently published by Porch Publications; another collection,
Strange in the Dawn, is forthcoming from Abattoir Editions.

JOHN DOMINI'S first collection of short stories,
Discovering Two Points of View (Fiction International) is due out this Fall. He teaches Expository Writing at Harvard.

WILLIAM DORESKI'S most recent book is
Half of the Map (Burning Deck).

STUART DYBEK'S collection of short stories,
Childhood and Other Neighborhoods (Viking), appeared in 1980. He is also the author of a book of poems,
Brass Knuckles (Univ. of Pittsburgh).

RICHARD EBERHART newest publication is
New Hampshire: Nine Poems (Pym-Randall Press) which appeared in the fall of 1980.

RACELLE FRIEDMAN is a student in the Undergraduate Creative Writing Program at Emerson College.

ERICA FUNKHOUSER'S poems have appeared in numerous magazines. A short poem, "Standing Up," will soon be available in Somerville, where it will be sandblasted, along with poems by nine other New England poets, into the brick platform of the new Davis Square subway station.

DAVID GULLETTE teaches at Simmons College and is frequent contributor to

PETER GURNIS has contributed to
Ploughshares before. He lives and works in the Amherst area.

MICHAEL S. HARPER teaches at Brown University. His latest publication is
Rhode Island: Eight Poems (Pym-Randall Press) which will appear in Spring 1981.

This is EDWARD P. JONES'S first appearance in
Ploughshares. He was born and raised in Washington D.C.

This is KATHLEEN LAKE'S first appearance in
Ploughshares. She is a student in the undergraduate creative writing program at Emerson College.

WILLIAM LOGAN'S first book of poems,
Sadfaced Men (David R. Godine), will appear this summer.

RICHARD LOURIE has published a novel
Sagittarius in Warsaw and a study of Andrei Sinyavsky,
Letters to the Future. Recently he translated Vladimir Voinovich's
Pretender to the Throne and Tadeusz Konwicki's
The Polish Complex (Farrar, Straus, Summer, 1981).

THOMAS LUX is a frequent contributor and one time Editor of
Ploughshares. He is the author of
Sunday (Houghton Mifflin),
The Glassblower's Breath (CSU Poetry Series) and
Memory's Handgrenade (Pym-Randall). A chapbook from Pym-Randall in the Fall of 1981 will be
Massachusetts: Nine Poems.

COLLEEN J. MCELROY'S most recent publication is
Winter Without Snow (I. Reed Books). She lives in Seattle.

GAIL MAZUR'S first book of poems,
Nightfire (David R. Godine), appeared in 1978. She is director of the Blacksmith House poetry series.

MICHAEL MAZUR, whose drawing of Michael S. Harper appears on the cover of this issue, is an artist living in Cambridge, who is represented by the Harcus-Krakow Gallery in Boston and the Robert Miller Gallery in New York.

IFEANYI MENKITI teaches Philosophy at Wellesley College. He is the author of two books of poems.

MICHAEL MILBURN was the recipient of the Harvard monthly prize and of the Massachusetts Artists Foundation fellowship in 1980. He currently lives in Cambridge and works at the Woodberry Poetry Room at the Harvard College Library.

This is KAREN PROPP'S first appearance in

JAMES RANDALL is the Chairman of the Creative Writing Department at Emerson College and publisher of Pym-Randall Press.

ANDREW SCHELLING lives in the Coastal Range mountains between SF and Monterey bays. He works in a bakery and writes, or studies languages when he gets the opportunity.

LARIE SHECK'S first book of poems,
Amaranth (Univ. of Georgia Press) will appear in the fall of 1981.

MARCIA SOUTHWICK'S first book of poems,
The Night Won't Save Anyone (Univ. of Georgia Press) was published in 1980. Her next publication is
Connecticut: Nine Poems (Pym-Randall Press) which will appear in the summer.

SUE STANDING'S chapbook,
Amphibious Weather is being published by Zephyr Press this Spring. She is writer-in-residence at Wheaton College.

MARTHA STEARNS is publications coordinator at Hampshire College.

RICHARD TILLINGHAST, whose third child Andrew, was born in January, teaches Creative Writing at Harvard University. "Sewanee in Ruins" is a five-part poem about the history of a small town in Tennessee. His most recent publication is
The Knife and Other Poems (Wesleyan, 1980).

SUSAN WHITTAKER is at present a student in the Graduate writing program at Columbia.

ROBERT PENN WARREN'S latest book is
Being Here: Poetry 1977-80. "Eternity" is part of his new collection, which is coming out in October.

PETER WILD is contributing editor of the environmental bi-weekly,
High Country News. His latest prose book is
Pioneer Conservationist of Western America, due out this out Spring.

SUSAN WOOD is the author of
Bazaar (Holt, Rinehart & Winston) published in February 1980. She is an editor and writer for
The Washington Post.