Issue 4 |
Summer 1973

Contributors' Notes

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DeWitt Henry

Peter O'Malley

Coordinating Editor

Thomas Lux

Editorial Staff

Ray Amorosi

David Gullette

Paul Hannigan

James Randall

Contributing Editors

William Corbett

Celia Gilbert

Jane Shore

Art Director

David Omar White


ELLEN BASS lives in Cambridge and has a book coming out from U. Mass. Press.

JOE DAVID BELLAMY teaches at St. Lawrence University. His fiction, poetry and nonfiction have appeared recently in
The Atlantic, Chicago Review, New: American and Canadian Poetry, New American Review, and
The Vonnegut Statement. A collection of interviews with innovative writers is forthcoming from the University of Illinois Press.

WILSON BROWN, a Ploughshares First, is a junior at Emerson College and enrolled in the BFA program there. He's also a rock and roll star.

G.S. SHARAT CHANDRA is the editor of the excellent small magazine,
Kamadhenu and teaches at Washington State Univ. He's published two books of poems and has appeared in many magazines.

WILLIAM DORESKI lives in Boston and manages to write full time. He's had a book and two pamphlets published and has appeared in many magazines.

ANDRE DUBUS teaches at Bradford College, tends bar on weekends, spent five and a half years as a peacetime Marine Officer, has an MFA from Iowa, a novel,
The Lieutenant, and has published sixteen stories in
The New Yorker, North American Review, Sewanee Review and elsewhere, some of which have been anthologized and translated into Braille.

JOHN FRIEDERICY lives in Palos Verdes, California and will be attending the Univ. of Virginia this fall. This is the first publication of his work.

KIM FRIELICH is also a Ploughshares First. And, she's a junior in the BFA program at Emerson College.

DAVID GIOIA is a Ploughshares First. He'll be in the BU writing program next year.

PAUL HANNIGAN is the author of two books,
Laughing (H.M. Co.) and
The Carnation (Barn Dream), and an editor of

HENRY R. HARRINGTON teaches at the University of Montana.

DEWITT HENRY co-directs
Ploughshares, is working on a novel, and will be Prose Writer in Residence at Emerson this fall.

FANNY HOWE has a book of poems,
Eggs, a book of stories,
Forty Whacks, and a new novel, segments of which have appeared in
Ploughshares and
Fire Exit. She will be coordinating editor of
Ploughshares 2/1.

RICHARD HUGO is one of the leading American poets. His latest book,
The Lady in Kicking Horse Reservoir, is reviewed in this issue. He teaches at the Univ. of Montana.

BOB KAVEN graduated last year from the Writers Workshop at Iowa. This year, he's living and working in Boston. He's had poems in
The Nation and other magazines.

BILL KNOTT is simply one of the most original and exciting young poets we have. He's published five books of poetry. These poems are from a new book,
Love Poems To Myself. He's teaching this year at Columbia College in Chicago.

ALAN LEBOWITZ teaches Creative Writing and American Literature at Tufts, and is the author of a novel,
Climbing Willie's Ladder and a book on Melville,
Progress Into Silence.

JACK MYERS lives in Winthrop with his wife and two sons. In the winter he sells roots, in the summer he paints houses. His first book,
Black Sun Abraxas, was published by Halcyon Press in Cambridge. His new book,
Getting By At 20 Below Zero is looking for a publisher. He's been in many magazines.

TOMAS O'LEARY splits his time between Somerville and Mexico. He's a graduate of the writing program at U. Mass. (Amherst). His first book,
The Fool At The Funeral, is looking for a publisher.

ISO PAPO lives, paints and draws in Brookline and teaches at B.U. He has had numerous one-man shows, the most recent one at the Swetzoff Gallery in Lexington.

JAMES RANDALL is the editor and publisher of Pym Randall Press, Professor of English at Emerson, and an editor of

DAVID RAY is the author of two books of poetry,
X-Rays and
Dragging The Main. He's an editor of
New Letters.

J. D. REED is the author of two books of poetry,
Expressways and
Fatback Odes. He teaches at U. Mass. (Amherst)'s MFA writing program.

MICHAEL RYAN is a cowboy from Phoenix, Arizona. He's had poems in
Poetry, The Nation, North American Review, Chicago Review, and many others. His first book,
Trees Instead of Fear, will enable him to be a big hit on the rodeo circuit.

PETER SEARS teaches writing at Princeton Day School in Princeton, N.J. He's had poems in a number of magazines, including
Field, The New York Times, December, The Nation, and many others.

CHARLENE SEEGER, another junior in the BFA program at Emerson College, just turned 21 and has had poems accepted by
Cafe Solo.

KATHLEEN SPIVACK has two books of poems forthcoming from Doubleday. She's a Radcliffe Fellow.

ELLEN WILBUR lives and writes in Cambridge.

DAVID OMAR WHITE lives half in Newton, half in Watertown and maintains a successful retail toenail business. Unquote.

JOHN YAU is a recent Bard College graduate and he hardly ever talks about that, or about anything. His poems have appeared in numerous magazines.