Issue 17 |
Summer 1979

Contributors' Notes

by Staff



DeWitt Henry

Peter O'Malley

Coordinating Editor for This Issue

Lloyd Schwartz


STEVE ALBERT is a poet and fiction writer from California, now living in Cambridge.

FRANK BIDART'S books of poetry are
Golden State (Braziller) and
The Book of the Body (Farrar, Straus and Giroux). He was the Coordinating Editor of
Ploughshares 2/4.

JOE BRAINARD'S books include
I Remember (Full Court),
I Remember More and
More I Remember More (Angel Hair), and
New Work (Black Sparrow). He's also known for his drawings, e.g., for John Ashbery's
Vermont Notebook (Black Sparrow).

JACQUELYN CREWS is a native of Tennessee, now teaching English at Gloucester High School. She was a working scholar at Bread Loaf and won the 1978 Harvard Summer School Poetry Prize.

MARY DOYLE CURRAN is a novelist (
The Parish and the Hill, Hougton Mifflin), story writer, poet and teacher. She heads the Irish Studies program at UMass Boston.

DAVID FERRY'S books include
On the Way to the Island (poems) and
The Limits of Mortality, a critical book on Wordsworth (both Wesleyan). He's just completed a new book of poems, to be called

MICHAEL GOODSON is a freelance cellist and gamba player. He writes on music and art for
The Real Paper. This is his first published poem.

ALLEN GROSSMAN'S new book of poems is
The Woman on the Bridge over the Chicago River (New Directions). He teaches at Brandeis.

JOHN GUNNISON-WISEMAN is a native Bostonian. He works in a used and antiquarian bookstore. This is his first published poem.

ANNE HALLEY is an editor of
The Massachusetts Review. Her forthcoming book of poems is called
The Bearded Mother, (UMass Press). She is also the translator of Kurt Tucholsky's
Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles (UMass).

MARK HALLIDAY is in the graduate writing program at Brandeis. His poem "Get It Again" recently appeared in
The New Republic.

RALPH HAMILTON'S paintings and collages have been reproduced in
Ploughshares, Parnassus, and on the covers of books by Frank Bidart, Joyce Peseroff, and Robert Pinsky.

JOHN HILDEBIDLE has published poems in
Green House, Southern Poetry Review and other magazines.

E.T.A. HOFFMAN (1776-1822), German satirist and music critic. This piece comes from the second series of
Kreisleriana, 1815.

RICHARD HOWARD'S latest book is
Misgivings (Atheneum). His new English translation of Oscar Wilde's
Salome is in the Summer 1978 issue of

DAVID KELLER'S poems have appeared in
Denver Quarterly, Mississippi Review, Minnesota Review and
The Little Magazine.

JANE KENYON is co-editor of
Green House. Her first collection of poems is
From Room to Room (Alice James).

Temper has just come out with Alice James Books and
Bare Elegy with the Janus Press (West Burke, Vt.). She runs The Horse in the Attic Bookshop in Brookline.

ROBERT LOUTHAN won a 1978 Grolier Poetry Prize and a
Transatlantic Review scholarship to Bread Loaf. Doniphan Louthan's
The Poetry of John Donne is available from Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn.

ROBERT LOWELL was a teacher, advisor, critic and friend of many people connected with this issue.

Ploughshares "discovery" reader for the 1979 Book Affair; she has also published in
New American Review, Columbia Forum, Massachusetts Review, Green House and other magazines.

GAIL MAZUR is the director of the Blacksmith House Poetry Series. Her first book,
Nightfire, was recently published by Godine.

JAMES MCMICHAEL'S books of poems are
Against the Falling Evil (Swallow) and
The Lover's Familiar (Godine).

Scripts for the Pageant, concluding his trilogy, will be published by Atheneum early in 1980.

The Hardness Scale was published last year by Alice James. She is co-editor of
Green House and has taught in the MFA writing program at Goddard.

JOHN PIJEWSKI'S poems and translations from the Polish have appeared in
The New Yorker, Paris Review, Poetry Northwest, Green House and other magazines.

ROBERT PINSKY' latest book is
An Explanation of America, in the Princeton Poetry Series. He is the poetry editor of
The New Republic, and will be teaching poetry writing at Harvard next spring.

ROBERT POLITO is a graduate student at Harvard finishing a dissertation on Byron.

LLOYD SCHWARTZ teaches at Boston State and the Harvard Summer School. His poems have appeared recently in
Shenandoah, Partisan Review and
The New Republic. He is also classical music editor of the
Boston Phoenix.

JESSICA SHOHER studied at Bryn Mawr and at Harvard with Robert Lowell.

LIZ SOCOLOW is a founding member of the U.S. 1 Poets' Cooperative. She has led workshops for children and adults in the Central New Jersey area.

MICHAEL STEINBERG is the former music critic of the
Boston Globe and is now Director of Publications and program annotator for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

RICARDO STERNBERG is now teaching at the University of Arizona. His poems have appeared lately in
Poetry and
American Poetry Review.

PETER TAYLOR'S most recent books are his
Collected Stories (Farrar, Straus and Giroux),
Presences, a collection of plays (Houghton Mifflin), and
In the Miro District, stories and poems (Knopf).

ALAN WILLIAMSON is the Briggs-Copeland lecturer in poetry at Harvard. He's the author of
Pity the Monsters, a study of Robert Lowell (Yale).

ANNE WINTERS is the translator of
Salamander: Selected Poems of Robert Marteau, soon to be brought out in a bilingual edition by Princeton.