The Genie at Low Tide (Solo 2.1)

The Genie at Low Tide (Ploughshares Solos Book 21)

The Genie at Low Tide (Solo 2.1)


Josh Cooper won Rookie of the Year in 1972 and was out of the majors by 1973, his pitching career ended by a sharp line drive up the middle. After moving back to his hometown of Beaufort, South Carolina, he has been pleasantly wasting his life for over three decades when a young woman shows up, claiming to be his daughter from one of many one-night stands.

Now, after years of chasing women, casual drinking, and recreational fishing, Cooper is forced to share his life with a strange young woman who keeps badgering him to eat healthier and clean up after himself, and seems to be harboring secrets of her own. “The Genie at Low Tide” is a story of the mysterious, magical encounters that force us to re-examine our lives, even when we seem to have come to the end of the line.