• Daydream Nation (Ploughshares Solos Book 2)

    Daydream Nation (Solo 1.2)

    The year is 1989 in Los Angeles, and Miles Jameson is about to graduate from high school. The last big party of high school is approaching, along with the end of a turbulent decade, and Miles has only a vague desire to “work with his hands” (his girlfriend points out that this is a bit trite).

  • Lady of the Burlesque Ballet (Ploughshares Solos Book 1)

    Lady of the Burlesque Ballet (Solo 1.1)

    In a topsy-turvy ragtime era of side-shows and bamboozlers, Irish Maupin goes from street urchin to burlesque star. Plucked from the streets as a girl and fattened up for candy-factory advertising, she navigates a sensational career around heart-break and loneliness, gaining and losing hundreds of pounds, manipulated by the men around her even as she defies them.