Fiction, selected by Carmen Maria Machado
Anne de Marcken, "Foil"

Honorable Mention: Puloma Ghosh, "Dessication"

Nonfiction, selected by Roxane Gay
Laura Price Steele, "These Bodies Will Undo Us"

Honorable Mention: Jaclyn Moyer, "Windows"

Poetry, selected by Roger Reeves
Alycia Pirmohamed, "Elegy for My Mother's Sister," "Ways of Looking," "Belief as an Ocean Landscape," and "No Homeland Ghazal"

Honorable Mention: Corey Miller, "Study for a Canary's Song," "Studies for an Embrace," and "The New Concentration"


Fiction, selected by Garth Greenwell
Rowan Beaird, “Perennial

Honorable Mention: Yasin Abdul-Muqit, "Ping Times"

Nonfiction, selected by Meghan Daum
Ellen Adams, “The Something I Am Telling You

Honorable Mention: Miles Fuller, "Cole's Black Hole"

Poetry, selected by Natalie Diaz
Andrew Eaton, “The Chime,” “Luthier,” “Aubade to Replace the Sounds of Morning,” “Draining the Lake,” and “After the shipwreck

Honorable Mention: Noah Baldino, “Confessions of a Teenage Linebacker,” “Table Manners,” “The Parade,” and “From Ex Voto Anatomico”


Fiction, selected by Anthony Marra
Lydia Martin, "The Adjustment Act"

Honorable Mention: Joy Baglio, "How to Survive on Land"

Nonfiction, selected by Dinty W. Moore
Mimi Dixon, "Breath"

Honorable Mention: Danielle Gellar, "Annotating the First Page of the First Navajo-English Dictionary"

Poetry, selected by Marianne Boruch
Leila Chatti, "Confession"

Honorable Mention: Aaron Krol, "In Sharpening the Blade, You Make a Smaller Blade"


Fiction, selected by Megan Mayhew Bergman
Lucy Tan, "Safety of Numbers"

Nonfiction, selected by Jabari Asim
Emily Strasser, "Homeplace"

Poetry, selected by Matthew Lippman
Emily Jungmin Yoon, "An Ordinary Misfortune" and "An Ordinary Misfortune"


Fiction, selected by Margot Livesey
Tomiko M. Breland, "Rosalee Carrasco"

Nonfiction, selected by Ladette Randolph
Eliese Colette Goldbach, "In the Memory of the Living"

Poetryselected by John Skoyles
Rosalie Moffett, Three Poems


Fiction, selected by Margot Livesey
Memory Blake Peebles, "The Sugar Bowl"

Nonfiction, selected by Ladette Randolph
Mary Winsor, "Rock-a-bye, Ute"

Poetry, selected by John Skoyles
Josephine Yu, Two Poems


Fiction, selected by Margot Livesey
Jasmine Sawers, "The Culling"

Nonfiction, selected by Ladette Randolph
Jacob Newberry, "What Will You Do"

Poetry, selected by John Skoyles
Jen Silverman, Bath Poems


Fiction, selected by DeWitt Henry
Thomas Lee, "The Gospel of Blackbird"