The Mind's Eye: A Guide to Writing Poetry

by Kevin Clark

Pearson Longman, 2007", ISBN# 9780205498239

Featuring a progressive gradation of writing exercises, The Mind?s Eye stresses the foundational importance of imagery as well as sound in contemporary poetry. The textbook guides students through a variety of discussions, models and prompts designed to give them fluency in the major aspects of contemporary poetry writing: imagery, sound, implication, conflict, the lyric (and lyricism), structure, portraiture, narrative, sequencing, surrealism, and other facets of the discipline, especially revision. Built on the author?s three decades of creative writing pedagogy and written in clear, active prose that instructs without condescension, The Mind?s Eye features The Poet?s Note Card, a concise summary of main ideas at the end of each chapter. It discusses traditional form and provides templates for the sonnet, the villanelle, and the sestina, and it reduces anxiety about writing on difficult topics, including mortality, eros, religion, and politics. Compact and handy, the textbook provides information on how to form friendly poetry writing groups, how to arrange and give poetry readings, and how to publish poems in journals. Teachers will also like the fact that it sells at a lower cost than almost all other textbook options, thus allowing them to assign additional volumes of poetry without fear of burdening students economically.

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