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Fall 1977 Table of Contents

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John Irving
Anne Bernays
Getting It On
Jack Pulaski
Religious Instructions
Wendy Lamb
Snow Geese


James Randall
An Interview with Bill Knott
Thomas Lux
For Bill Knott: In Celebration and Anticipation of His Selected/Collected Poems


Bill Knott
Bill Knott
Bill Knott
The Stillborn (Domesticity #3)
Bill Knott
Bill Knott
For Anne
Jim Harrison
from Returning to Earth
Larry Levis
Larry Levis
Larry Levis
Road, Hog, Assassin, Mirror
Thomas Lux
Portrait of the Man Who Drowned Wearing His Best Suit and Shoes
Thomas Lux
Lament for the Friend Who Lost His Brother
Thomas Lux
The Hunting
Charles Simic
Dimly Outlined by a Police Artist
Charles Simic
The Great Anonymous Eye and Ear
Charles Simic
Photographer's Hood
Richard Lourie
A Day Without Poetry
William Doreski
May Day, My Thirty-third
John Ashbery
"Kannst du die alten Lieder noch Spielen?"
Tim Reynolds
"Prisons Are Labyrinths"
Tim Reynolds
"Basho Stood on This Same Bridge"
Tim Reynolds
A Hieroglyph for Rexroth
Kenneth Rexroth
Richard Tillinghast
A Poem to Go Before Eight Lines by Jalal-ud-din-Rumi
Anne S. Perlman
An Encounter On Exmoor
Peter Wild
John Muir
Miriam Levine
Blue Angel
Gail Mazur
Ruth Lepson
Lyn Lifshin
Another Woman Who Marries Her House Poem
Lyn Lifshin
Cape Cod 1970
Thomas McAfee
At Home, Far Away Inside
Harold Bond
To the Welcome Wagon Lady
Harold Bond
The Fall
Jean Burden
Return to an Island
Leo Connellan
Scott Huff
Michael Waters
Since Nothing Is Impossible
Cleopatra Mathis
The Traveler
Kim Frielich
Who is This Judi's Jack?
Marcia Southwick
The Train Wreck
Marcia Southwick
The Arsonist
David Leviten
The Earth Swept Clean
Mary Marta Anderson
Beating a Fast Tattoo
John Mahnke
To the Savage Child
John Mahnke
Win A Vigil
Peggy Janey
The Piney Forest
Peggy Janey
The Young Girl's Dream
Sue Standing
Convict's Mirror
Donna Gordon
Visitor in the Cadaver Room
Anneliese Wagner
village night
Steve Blevins
Full Moons
Janet Thomas
The Cat That Ate The Flower...
Julianne Gavin
Insomnia VII
Anne Barbernitz
After the Storm
Dianne Marcotti
Arcane Processional
Denis Leary
He weeds the clouds
Denis Leary
the rabbits
Stephen Collins
A Message
Kevin Kusinitz
Translation of a German Zeppelin Poster


James Randall
Discovery Section Introduction
Fall 1977 Cover
Cover art by Michael Mazur Poetry & Fiction

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Guest-edited by:
James Randall
James Randall Guest-edited by:
DeWitt Henry
DeWitt Henry Guest-edited by:
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien