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Spring 2003 Table of Contents

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Carl Phillips


Christopher Hennessy
About Carl Phillips: A Profile


Ann Beattie
The Garden Game
Percival Everett
The Last Heat of Summer
Peter Gordon
Birds of Paradise
Lise Haines
A Glue-Related Problem
John Haskell
Elephant Feelings
Hester Kaplan
Companion Animal
Devika Mehra
The Garden


David Baker
David Baker
The Evidence
Mary Jo Bang
Mary Jo Bang
The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Toward Infinity
Edward Bartók-Baratta
Note to All Concerned
Erin Belieu
The Birthmark
Brian Blanchfield
Less and Less That Is Not a Hotel Anymore
Brian Blanchfield
Red Habits
Jody Bolz
Last Draft of the Day's Light
Joel Brouwer
Cyrus Cassells
August and Everything After
Michael Collier
A Line from Robert Desnos Used to Commemorate George Sonny Took-the-Shield, Ft. Belknap, MT
Martha Collins
from Blue Front
Rita Dove
Rita Dove
Angie Estes
Kathy Fagan
God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
Miranda Field
Caroline Finkelstein
Drift Road
Carol Frost
Sonnet for August
Carol Frost
Apiary VII
Christine Garren
Next Door
Christine Garren
The Coed
Linda Gregg
They Cripple with Beauty and Butcher with Love
Linda Gregg
The Oar in the Sand
Lyn Hejinian
from The Fatalist
Claire Hero
Visiting Lorine Niedecker's House on Blackhawk Island
Rick Hilles
Antique Shop Window, Kraków
Richard Howard
An After-Dinner Speech
Joy Katz
Study of a Woman with One Breast
Joy Katz
To the Sun
Jennifer Kronovet
Her Version, With Interruptions
Laurie Lamon
Pain Thinks of Alcibiades
Bei Ling
Lisa Lubasch
The Uppercase Motions
James Magorian
Hunters' Guild
Kathryn Maris
Dutch Funeral
Kathryn Maris
The Factory
Gail Mazur
Blue Umbrella
Jane Mead
By Reason of Light in It--
Jane Mead
Was Light,--
Jane Mead
And Then the Smoke--
Ander Monson
Sonnet: Notes from X Which Might Turn Out to Be an Elegy, Stemming from the U.S. Mail
Carol Muske-Dukes
Carol Muske-Dukes
Blue Morpho
Jeff Oaks
Emptying the Octopus
Joe Osterhaus
Robert Pinsky
Inman Square Incantation
John Poch
The Owl and the Table
Paisley Rekdal
Lloyd Schwartz
Six Words
Charlie Smith
Abuses in the Big Hotels
David St. John
from The Face
Samn Stockwell
Meredith Stricker
Threshing the Word: Sappho and a Particle Physics of Language
Zona Teti
Ulysses on the Way Back from Troy
Zona Teti
Tom Moving On
Ann Townsend
As for Men
Ann Townsend
Mouse's Nest
Reetika Vazirani
I Unbutton My Blouse
Reetika Vazirani
Beyond Honey Soul Body and Rose
Rosanna Warren
from The Notebooks of Anne Verveine
Kerri Webster
Ferry Boat Wreck
Marlys West
Scott Withiam
Scott Withiam
Door Out of the Underworld
Charles Wright
Homage to Giorgio Morandi
C. Dale Young
Dean Young


Susan Conley
rev. of Sails the Wind Left Behind by Alessandra Lynch
Fred Leebron
rev. of The Guru of Love by Samrat Upadhyay
David Daniel
rev. of Discography by Sean Singer
Don Lee
rev. of On This Day by Nathaniel Bellows
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Guest-edited by:
Carl Phillips
Carl Phillips