This Blue (Solo 2.4)

A solo cover of a drawn blue woman's back, facing a golden opaque mirror

This Blue (Solo 2.4)


Sophie Forrest writes horror stories because she sees faces in the walls; men with their heads in their laps materialize in front of her when she's trying to enjoy her cafe creme; her former lover is marrying someone else amid oyster brunches and tennis matches. 

Born in France, Sophie returns to her birthplace on a quest to find not the place where she was a child but her childhood itself. Her poor French and the mistake of a cab driver results in her stepping into the Hotel Placide, an ancient house of blue walls and blue curtains and blue rugs, in which she encounters an aspiring nun, a trigger-happy little boy, and a quiet, enigmatic farmer. 

"This Blue" is a dream-like story that unfolds with a comedy that goes with the uncertain adventure of travel.