Issue 10 |
Fall 1976

Contributors' Notes

by Staff



DeWitt Henry

Peter O'Malley

Coordinating Editor for This Issue

Paul Hannigan

Associate Editor

James Randall


RUSSELL BANKS is an old dear friend of the editor of this issue of

JAY BOGGIS is one of the editor's favorite friends.

GEORGE BOGIN is one of those rare people the editor has never met.

CORA BROOKS is so well known that is is hard to understand why you are reading this sentence.

WILSON BROWN is one of the editor's favorite dear old friends.

WILLIAM CORBETT may very well be the oldest of the editor's dear old friends.

DOUGLAS DELANEY is a close friend of the editor.

SIV CEDERING FOX has never met the editor but most of the editor's friends know her.

ROBERT HAYFORD is the editor's friend and tennis partner.

FANNY HOWE'S latest book is Bronte Wild (Avon) and she is no stranger to the editor.

PAUL METCALF is better known for his books than his friendship with the editor.

ANDREW SALKEY is your brother. Whether he likes it or not.

MARTHA STEARNS lives on Cape Cod.

MOOPHY SWEEZY que sais-je, moi?

JOHN YAU prides himself on being a distant relative of the editor.

HARRY J. MURPHY is a friend of J. Gladstone.

J. GLADSTONE and Harry V. Murphy are blood brothers.