Issue 80 |
Winter 1999-00

The Hardness Scale reissue by Joyce Peseroff

by Staff

Joyce Peseroff,
Mortal Education, poems: Peseroff's third book of poems recalls the raw experience of mortality, met through the illness and death of a friend, the context of history, and the tensions and pleasures of family life. Carnegie Mellon has also reissued Peseroff's
The Hardness Scale as part of its Classic Contemporary Series. In
Ploughshares, Robert Pinsky described Peseroff as "a clear-sighted, good-humored poet" who "has written poems that have the virtues many of her contemporaries strive for: she attains at times an unpredictable, colloquial poetry that adapts the casual, protective comic sense of a generation's manners to the demands of art." (Carnegie Mellon)