• Sparrow (6.2)

    Sparrow (6.2)

    When a mother and her baby are found dead in their car, a small New England town is forced to confront its secrets. As the news settles and rumors spread, the mother of the young family must grapple with the new understanding that this town is not the safe and peaceful place it pretends to be.

  • Blue River Hotel (Solo 6.1)

    Blue River Hotel (Solo 6.1)

    Sitting at a crossroads in the Guatemalan highlands, the Blue River Hotel has served as witness to the conflict and consequences of the country’s civil war. After a Canadian traveler passes through, he's forced to question the life he's chosen and to consider the effects of leaving his career and his fiancée behind for an uncertain future with a woman who has unexpectedly entered his life.

  • Kaat (Solo 5.9)

    Kaat (Solo 5.9)

    Kaat is ready to marry her girlfriend Stone. They live together in Paris, are both pursuing their careers, and have even talked about having a baby. Then a motorcycle accident disrupts Kaat’s plans, and she is confronted by flaws in their seemingly perfect life and a secret that could destroy everything.

  • Girl of Few Seasons (Solo 5.8)

    Girl of Few Seasons (Solo 5.8)

    The only reason Ebo enlists to fight in Vietnam is because it means a free trip to O’ahu where he can visit his younger sister, Momo. He hasn’t seen Momo, who is disabled, since she became a ward of the state. During his last night before leaving for basic training, Ebo’s mother lets him in on a secret, which forces him to question his future, the importance of family, and who he really is. 

  • The Critic (Solo 5.7)

    The Critic (Solo 5.7)

    Timothy Parrish’s “The Critic” is a slightly surrealist account of the fraught, yet creative relationship cultivated between artists and critics. We meet a music critic who has devoted his entire life to covering the career of an elusive, Bob Dylan-esque musician referred to as “The Twerp.” But as the critic begins to hear The Twerp’s voice everywhere, we learn his vocation may have turned the corner into obsession.

  • Bones (Solo 5.6)

    Bones (Solo 5.6)

    Kyle Waller has spent his life working to the top of the corporate ladder, but now that retirement has come for him, he’s not sure what’s next. A chance encounter at a bar sends Kyle to Belize to chase adventure and an archaeological discovery that could make history.


  • The Girl Who Lied (Solo 5.5)

    The Girl Who Lied (Solo 5.5)

    Kemi, a risk-taker who's used to getting her way, and Tola, shy and obedient, couldn't be more different, but when boarding school brings the two together, they become inseparable. Their friendship and Tola's morals are put to the test when Kemi is involved in a serious and suspicious accident. Tola must make the difficult decision of telling the truth and obeying the gown-ups or protecting the secret of her newfound friend.

  • A History of China (Solo 5.4)

    A History of China (Solo 5.4)

    Following the death of her father, Sasha Jean attends a family reunion, after years of estrangement, with the uncomfortable knowledge that she has inherited the estate where her relatives live. “A History of China” explores the multi-generational stories that shape this complicated family.

  • Koppargruva (Solo 5.2)

    Koppargruva (Solo 5.2)

    Alfred Nobel, inventor of nitroglycerin and inspiration for the Nobel Peace Prize, visited the United States twice. "Koppargruva," from Hugh Coyle’s forthcoming book Peace at Last, is a fictionalized account of one of those excursions. Dubbed a killer by American journalists because of recent accidental nitroglycerin blasts in Panama and San Francisco, Nobel faces his tarnished reputation head on while searching for any sliver of redemption.

  • Beach Plum Jam (Solo 4.9)

    Beach Plum Jam (Solo 4.9)

    Polly always finds refuge in painting. But when the beautiful landscapes of the Maine island where she spends her summers leave her uninspired, she questions the life she’s been living for the past thirty years. Will the reappearance of an old, seemingly successful friend be the spark Polly needs to get back on track, or will it derail her even further?