Campbell McGrath

Campbell McGrath
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Campbell McGrath is the author of nine books of poetry, most recently In the Kingdom of the Sea Monkeys (Ecco, 2012). He has received numerous awards, including a MacArthur Genius Fellowship, the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award, a Ploughshares Cohen Award, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Witter-Bynner Fellowship from the Library of Congress. McGrath lives in Miami Beach with his wife and two sons and teaches in the MFA program at Florida International University.

Ploughshares issues edited by this author:

Spring 2004 Poetry & Fiction

Ploughshares articles by this author:

Title Section Season
Aurora Perpetua Poetry Spring 2014
An Irish Word Poetry Winter 2011-12
The Fly Poetry Winter 2011-12
Philadelphia Poetry Spring 2006
Two Poems for Frank O'Hara Poetry Spring 2006
Introduction Introduction Spring 2004
Edison in Fort Myers, 1885 Poetry Winter 2000
The Wreck Poetry Winter 1998-99
El Balserito Poetry Spring 1997
Praia dos Orixas Poetry Winter 1996-97
Angels and the Bars of Manhattan Poetry Winter 1993-94

Books by the Author:

Pax Atomica ( December 2004 )

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